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Amy Abbott


big_bro_bright is no longer a member of the community. Please remove him from your friends lists. His NEW journal will be bright_, and will be used whenever he gets a player.

ninafeeny is also no longer a member of the community. Please remove her from your friends lists as well. Her NEW journal will be nina_feeney, and will be used whenever she gets a player.

wendellnator is our new friendly neighbourhood Wendell. If you haven't already, please add him to your friends lists.

Both of these characters are now availabe for a 1-month trial run (see below). Journals will be provided, and a sample entry is required. The application is in the userinfo


- What is a 1 Month Trial Run?

Starting from now on, anyone who applies for a character in the RPG will play them for a trial period of one month. During this time we all get to know their playing style, how well they fit the characters, how well they right the character, etc. After a month, if we agree that they're doing a good job, they'll have the character for keeps, until they choose not to play the character anymore, and if they keep active.

Sounds simple? If it doesn't just comment here and I'll be happy to try and explain it in more detail.
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